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Here at boté GmbH - trade | treat cosmetics everything revolves around the import and distribution of exclusive cosmetic brands. Selected brands are introduced to new markets through sophisticated 360° marketing and product strategies and presented with the high quality they deserve. Specific professional competencies and exclusive knowledge from years of experience in the corporate business are combined with a passion for developing new, innovative possibilities relating to distribution, marketing, and logistics.



Stefan Daniel Lang

Stefan Daniel Lang

Founder and CEO

Stefan completed his training as a druggist and make-up artist in Austria, then spent several months in London and Switzerland. Professionally, Stefan Daniel started as a promoter at the company La Prairie, closely followed by the positions of Sales Manager and Retail Manager for the areas of Austria and Hungary. In his private life, Stefan Daniel lives in Upper Austria and Zurich.

Lucia Etlinger

Lucia Etlinger

Marketing Director

Lucia is responsible for strategic and operational marketing. She brings many years of experience in the management and development of national as well as international luxury and lifestyle brands in various cosmetics and distribution companies, as well as a keen sense for brands and good analytical skills.  


Regina Schachner

Sales Director Austria & Switzerland

With Regina we add another spirited soul to our team. With an unmistakable joy and enthusiasm for story-smelling, Regina awakens all kinds of emotions that make fragrances; with vivid stories and images. Her many years of experience in working with selective niche perfume brands make her a valuable and welcome personality in our industry. For any optimization of your fragrance assortment, please contact Regina – she always has a great story to smell!


Mona Grohschädl

Sales Manager Skincare Austria & Bavaria

Mona embodies our slogan "in skincare we trust" and swears by effective high-tech skincare. She has years of experience in dealing with skincare brands and brings an established network to the company – from retail to 5* hotels. Mona specializes in developing a tailor-made concept for each client and implementing it with the utmost commitment.

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Sven Werner

Sales Manager Fragrance Germany (South) 

Sven has successfully turned his passion into his profession, leading us into the fascinating world of fragrance and their brands. With an impressive expertise acquired over many years in the cosmetics industry, he proves to be a valued consultant for perfumeries in Southwest Germany. Sven has an in-depth knowledge of the niche perfume segment and thus, is at your disposal with sound recommendations for any kind of assortment optimization.

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Jasmin Reimer-Janetzko

Sales Manager Germany (North)

With over 30 years of experience in the cosmetics industry Jasmin is not only an expert, but also a passionate skincare lover. Her professional journey through various positions in big companies eventually led her to discover and especially love the world of niche products. Jasmin is particularly fascinated by the multitude of exciting brand stories and innovative concepts inside the niche sector. She always keeps up-to-date and stays curious about all the fascinating developments the cosmetics industry still has in store for her.


Ksenia Varga

Trainer Skincare

Ksenia has a rather unexpected background – as a trained psychotherapist, however, she's been dealing with the subject of beauty from a philosophical point of view for many years. The leap into natural cosmetics and her master in cosmetics were therefore only a matter of time. Ksenia's holistic view of beauty as a way of life and cosmetics as a finishing touch ultimately led her to the high-end sector. After all, cosmetics should not only radiate beauty on the consumer's skin – for Ksenia, the product itself, its packaging and everything that is not visible to the naked eye must have an aesthetic appeal.

Sara Adelbauer

Sara Adelbauer

Head of Creative

Sara puts marketing measures into practice: no matter if digital graphics or analog print material. She accompanies the team from graphic conception and brainstorming to implementation. The attention to detail coupled with an extremely efficient way of working make her a valuable part of the company.




Selective distribution

Boté cosmetics GmbH is currently represented in 4 countries. The goal of our product distribution in Austria, Switzerland, Germany and South Tyrol is for us to give each individual product the wide-ranging attention it deserves. In addition to the explicitly adapted strategy for each specific brand, both negotiation and selection of a well-conceived POS are the top priority for us.

Public Relations to Tell

At boté cosmetics GmbH, we love to cooperate. We genuinely enjoy to tastefully and effectively introduce our product portfolio to journalists at press conferences, as well as to influencers at selected, exclusive events. In addition, we maintain very close cooperation with various agencies that provide us with profitable contacts in the world of social media, print and event business and with that, increase our products' reach across borders.



Marketing to Sell

"Sales promotion" is anything but a foreign word to us at boté cosmetics GmbH. In order to do justice to the diversity of our products, we use every available asset of our broad knowledge to market them effectively, both offline and online. At our company, the term "advertising" gets completely redefined as we provide each individual product with its very own eye-catching and especially tasteful, innovative spotlight.

Retail Management

Marketing, PR, attention - all well and good. We don't solely go with our gut, we observe, analyze and base our decisions upon insights gained from data, facts, and figures. Among other things, we try to understand why certain measures are more and why others are less successful. Additionally our retail management ensures a consistently uniform implementation and consideration of each individual CI. We further identify any possible need for training, further education and KPIs and so far, we can only speak with confidence of how satisfied we are with all our measures recommended, taken and implemented.



We Care

With our competent team at boté cosmetics GmbH, we ensure that every single POS gets regularly visited and looked after with care. We are convinced that proximity is essential not only in B2C but especially in B2B. We are passionate about supporting each of our POS with a customized action plan. To still ensure high efficiency, our logistics center works with a specially developed program for fast and accurate processing of product inquiries, orders, returns, and complaints.